Council & DA Approvals

For most developments, new homes and extensive renovations and additions, the local council requires that a full development application is submitted however, there are certain circumstances where a Complying Development is sufficient. A DA is assessed by the local council and each local council has its own set of rules and regulations that require the expertise of a professional to ensure that the development is approved.

Craig and his team are experts in this process and will be able to advise you if you will require a DA approval during your first site visit. We will handle everything from the DA fee quotes, completion of paperwork, submission and any liaise with council throughout the process.

Often, council will advertise and notify owners who live adjacent to your property of your intent to alter your property and their comments can be taken into account when the council is assessing the application. Craig will deal directly with the council on your behalf and work to resolve any of the issues that may come up during this process and is specialised in having these conversations with council.

Craig is proud to have a 100% approval record with Central Coast Council and it is his expertise in design and compliance with council that delivers his clients confidence in his designs and that he will strive to deliver what you would like to achieve from your project.